Cruise Ship Water Injuries

Few people set off on vacation anticipating an accident, and cruise ship passengers are no exception. Unfortunately, a number of cruise line guests are injured each year in water-related incidents, both onboard and while participating in cruise line-approved onshore excursions.

• Water Slide
Overcrowding combined with minimal supervision and the differing sizes of multiple users at one time can lead to accidents. Common injuries include slips and falls on wet decks; slipping or falling from ladders; lacerations from ladders or slide components; and head injuries and drowning or near drowning caused by the press of fellow passengers using the slide.
• Wave Pool
Children and small adults are often victims of drowning or near drowning incidents in wave pools. Flimsy flotation devices give a false sense of security, and the ebb and flow of the artificial waves can draw weak swimmers into deeper water. Crowded conditions can lead to swimmers who have slipped or been knocked from their rafts going unnoticed even when lifeguards are present.
• Swimming Pool
As with all cruise ship activities, the presence of other guests makes a simple swim in the pool more dangerous. Common swimming pool accidents include slip and fall on wet decks; head injury from collision with pool walls or bottoms; and drowning or partial drowning leading to oxygen deprivation and traumatic brain injury.

Most cruise lines offer passengers a variety of ship-sponsored onshore excursions during stays in ports-of-call. Especially on Caribbean cruises, many of these activities are water-based and lend themselves to water-related injuries.

Faulty equipment, insufficient supervision by guides or the inadequate instruction of participants can lead to drowning, head injury or other accidents during the following activities:

• Scuba diving or snorkeling.
• Water skiing, windsurfing or parasailing.
• Jet Ski rentals or tours.

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