Injured On a Cruise ?

Taking a vacation is usually a way to relax and get away from mundane problems faced in everyday life. Cruises often go to exotic locations that are hundreds or thousands of miles away from home. No one starts their vacation thinking about possible accidents. Here are some steps to take if injured on a cruise.

Time is important when injuries occur. Make it a priority to report what happened to the cruise line. All cruise lines have a medical team that is part of the staff. The trained medical teams usually are required to have extensive experience before they are hired. These doctors and nurses are usually on call twenty four hours a day just in case there are accidents. The cruise ship may have a dedicated medical wing for treating injuries.

Document the injury when it happens.

Have a friend or family member take digital pictures and live video of the area where the accident occurred. Save the files to a cell phone or computer hard drive. Newer cameras and cell phones will have the feature where a photo or video can be emailed by simply clicking one more button. Email these pictures for extra security to a personal email address or online file storage provider.

Think about the conditions that happened surrounding the accident. Create a written statement that details what happened. If personal injuries are very extensive, leaving the cruise liner may be the only way to get adequate medical attention. This is only for true medical situations that involve extensive surgery or burn treatment.

Being injured on a cruise can be challenging. Many people do not know what they should do, or even if they should say anything when injuries seem minor. Make it a priority to report injuries when they happen. Many injuries that seem minor may not heal properly and may turn into larger problems.

Travel insurance and regular medical insurance providers will need to know what happened that led to personal injuries. Always keep records of what happened through pictures and live video. Traveling with friends, relatives, neighbors, or coworkers is safer than traveling alone.

Use these tips if injured on a cruise.

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