Can I sue for rape on cruise ship?


Rape, sexual assault and sexual harassment: Incidents like these are extremely unfortunate – though frankly – they occur all to often aboard cruise ships.

The number of sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape claims on cruise ships – by crew members or by other passengers – is much higher and more common than most people think.

Read more here at NY Daily News“three major cruise lines will begin posting crime statistics on their websites. The companies voluntarily sharing the information with customers will be Royal Caribbean, Carnival and Norwegian cruises.”

**Note: Cruise ships are relatively safe – however – if opportunity arises for predators, they may act on them.

Can I sue for rape on cruise ship?lawyer helps cruise ship assault victims

The answer to that question is, Yes. As a rape victim, you do have the ability to file a claim against the cruise line or responsible individuals.

However – each case – each individual incident is unique.
An attorney who is experienced dealing with claims of rape against the cruise lines will be able to help. They will be able to answer questions that you have and help guide you through the difficult process of dealing with the sexual assault as well as dealing with the legal processes.

Our cruise injury law firm deals with sexual assault and rape cases.

Claims against the cruise lines, crew or other passengers are common enough and the impact on the person assaulted can be devastating. We’ve found that victims need help answering the legal questions involved with these incidents.

Quite often, these cases are covered up by the cruise line, their crew and their attorneys. Claims are marginalized. Victims are ashamed, embarrassed, afraid and unsure of what actions to take. We don’t let that happen.

Our clients often ask us:

  • How could the cruise line let this happen?
  • Was I at fault somehow – did I cause this?
  • Can I sue for sexual harassment, assault or rape?
  • What do I need to do if I’ve been assaulted?
  • What are my rights?
  • What recourse do I have against this person or these people?

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