Breaking News: 3 Injured on Holland America Cruise Ship

holland american cruise accident
Image from in Miami

Reports from various media sources, including WSVN in Miami, indicate that three passengers were removed from the Holland America cruise ship Ryndam on Monday night, April 20.

Officials described the injuries as ‘medical emergencies’ requiring the passengers be transported from the cruise ship, by Miami-Dade Fire and Rescue to Miami area and Jacksonville area hospitals.

An interesting quote in the article:

“You rarely get a call of this nature,” said Miami Fire Rescue Capt. Ignatius Carroll. “Sometimes it’s one person that’s injured, and it’s one transport, but when you receive [a call] that it’s three people injured, we’re wondering what actually took place on the ship. Were they all related? Was it as a result of weather? So [it was]unknown what we were dealing with, but once the cruise ship got a little closer, we found out that these incidents were separate.”

Passenger injuries included

  • Leg injury
  • Head injury
  • Heart condition

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