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A boat gangway accident can be financially and physically devastating. If you’ve been injured in a boat gangway accident, you should know that the ship owner’s legal responsibility for a crew extends to the dockside and gangway.

Many serious injuries can occur on a gangway including slip and fall accidents and injuries from nearby cargo. Crew members injured on gangways have a legal right to financial compensation for medical treatment and lost wages.

Gangway accidents occur due to a variety of factors including hazardous weather conditions and negligence on the part of the ship owner or the gangway owner. U.S. law holds that all gangways must keep their steps and ladders in good repair and follow proper safety procedures. When used for boarding, a gangway is required to be accessible, have sufficient lighting, be outfitted with anti-slip material, be out of the way of materials being loaded overhead and, if extending over water, must use safety netting.

In some situations, a ladder is employed instead of a gangway. Ladders are a more dangerous method of ship entry, though it is legal to use them if proper precautions are observed. Even when all safety procedures are followed, however, gangways and ladders may still lead to injury due to other factors.

Crew members whose gangway injures are covered by U.S. admiralty law include commercial fishermen, operators of offshore oil drilling rigs, crew from barges and tug boats, longshoremen and dock workers, merchant seamen, dredging vessel crew and cargo vessel crew.

If you’ve been injured on a gangway, you should consider hiring an experienced maritime and admiralty attorney. Unlike a general personal injury attorney, a maritime and admiralty attorney is familiar with the specifics of maritime law. Many of the laws governing ship crews are distinct from the workman’s compensation laws that cover other workers.

A lawyer who understands the unique legal position of ship crew members and who has experience in pursuing gangway injury cases can help insure that you get the maximum compensation to which you are entitled.

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