What Are Cruise Ship Tender Accidents?

A tender is a small water vessel that transports passengers from a larger boat, such as a cruise ship for example, to shore when the boat is unable to get all the way into port. Though usually this goes safely, accidents are possible during this process. Speaking specifically of cruise ships, the cruise line has a responsibility for providing safe passage from their ships to shore. If an accident does occur during this process, the cruise lines can be held responsible and there is grounds for a legal claim.

The Gangway Ramp

Most often, tender accidents happen as passengers are crossing from the large cruise vessel to the tender on the gangway ramp. This ramp has been known on occaison to break free of either the ship or the tender, causing passengers or crew members to fall into the ocean. When this occurs they must be rescued immediately using life preservers.
Another type of accident that may occur is that someone can fall on the ramp itself or on the ship or tender as they board. they may be injured from the fall even though they do not need to be rescued from water.

Legal Response

If this kind of accident should occur, an individual definitely has grounds for a law suit or perhaps an insurance claim. The passenger, along with their family and friends, involved in the accident needs to take careful note of all the circumstances of the accident. The time the accident occurred, the general circumstances, and the people present should all be made note of. Then the passenger should contact his or her lawyer at the earliest convenience and discuss the accident and the best course of action.
Most likely the cruise line will have its own insurance on passengers, and this may cover medical bills. But claims of a more extensive sort can be filed such as suits for negligence. While accidents can theoretically happen anywhere it is essentially the responsibility of a cruise company to insure that tender accidents never occur. Passengers on cruise lines are encouraged to pursue their rights to the full extent of the law should any kind of tender accident occur while they are on a cruise.

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