Top 5 Cruise Injury Blog Posts from April 2014

Passengers who were injured on their cruiseCarnival, Royal Caribbean, Disney and many othersare often confused as to what actions to take when they arrive home from their trip.

We talk to many clients who say they had “no idea” what to do. They best they could do was to “just get home” and figure out what to do later. Many of these clients have had to visit their doctors, go to the hospital, deal with insurance issues and also deal with the hassle of trying to understand if the cruise line was responsible for their injury.

Our clients find us through online searches or through referrals from their local lawyers. Quite often, it’s the news and blog articles that we post that clients see and read first before they ever contact us. Below are some of the blog posts for hurt cruise ship passengers that we’ve written in April.

Top 5 Cruise Injury Blog Posts from April 2014

# 1
Cruise Ship Injury Claims – What do Lawyers do for Hurt Passengers?

If you were hurt or injured on cruise ship, you’re going to have a lot of questions. At some point, you’ll probably want to talk to a personal injury lawyer or firm that can shed some light on your specific potential case.

# 2
Passengers Often Confused about Cruise Ship Slip and Fall Accidents

Injured in a slip, trip or fall accident on a cruise ship? Believe it’s not your fault? Then you may have a legal claim that you can file against the cruise line.

# 3
How do Injuries on Cruise Ships Happen?

It’s unfortunate, but accidents on cruise ship can happen just like they can anywhere else – at home, at work and elsewhere. The potential for dangerous scenarios is common and injuries to passengers does occur.

# 4
What Hurt Cruise Passengers Want to Know from Injury Lawyers

Accidental and intentional injuries occur all of the time with passengers. As awful as it sounds, it’s not uncommon to hear about broken bones, injured children, medical emergencies or physical assaults.

# 5
Injured on a Cruise Ship Tender or Boat Shuttle?

Injuries on a cruise vacation don’t always happen aboard the cruise ship itself. Sometimes they occur on the cruise ship’s tender boats.

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