Yes, Contacting a Cruise Injury Lawyer for Carnival Cruise Accidents is the Right Choice

Do you need a lawyer to help you with a cruise ship related injury that happened while on a Carnival Cruise vacation? The answer to that question is, probably yes.

Most passengers who are hurt in an accident while on a Carnival Cruise vacation (and suffer terrible and painful injuries) often don’t have any idea of “what to do” once they return home from their trip. They’re hurt, confused and generally angry about the events that occurred on what was supposed to be a dream vacation.

What they will do of course, is to seek immediate and ongoing treatment for their injuries at their local doctor or hospital. They’ll get x-rays, they’ll have surgery, they’ll schedule appointments for follow up visits and therapy to recover.

At some point however, the idea of getting compensated for those medical bills and missed time at work starts to happen, especially if the accident was due to the negligence of the cruise line or its employees.

Should I be talking with an attorney?

Most injured Carnival passengers will focus on the healing process. Knee injuries, concussions and broken bones are painful and take time to heal. It’s only after some time has passed that people begin to think, “should I talk to an attorney”?

Boating and Cruise Lawyers at Waks and Barnett, P.A. in Miami.
Cruise Accident Lawyers at Waks and Barnett, P.A. in Miami.

The answer to that question is yes. Speaking with an attorney will help you understand 1) whether your injury has the basis for a claim, and 2) if so, what actions you should take. Remember, most attorneys will provide a free consultation to you. It’s important to take advantage of that as you can ask them anything (and they will have questions for you as well).

How can cruise injury attorneys help?

You may have questions about your legal rights as a passenger. You may have contacted the cruise line directly about your injury and were unhappy with their response. You might be seeking financial compensation to help deal with the mounting costs of surgery, doctor visits and rehab efforts.

An experienced attorney who has represented injured passengers against the cruise lines for accidents, sickness, assaults, negligence and other personal injuries can shed light on your potential claims.

Talking to an attorney about your injury is the right choice, even if you end up not having a reason for a claim against Carnival. If you do have reason for a claim, they can then outline a course of action to help you.

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