Woman Seriously Hurt on Carnival Cruise Ship

Reports from MyFoxBoston.com tell of a New Hampshire woman who was seriously injured while aboard the Carnival Cruise Ship Victory. The report was posted Sept. 14, 2015.

According to the report, the woman from Pembroke New Hampshire was traveling with her boyfriend. The injury occurred during a fall in which she hit her head (the back of her head).

Apparently she remained on the ship for six to eight hours before being taken from the ship to a Florida hospital. During that time she suffered multiple strokes.

The family of the injured passenger has started a Go Fund Me account which can be accessed here.

From the Go Fund Me account: Christina suffered a tragic accident while on a cruise with her boyfriend Scott.  It was suppose to be a much needed vacation and has turned into Christina fighting for her life.

on sept 11, 2015 Christina fell on the cruise and hit her head. She was airlifted off the boat to a hospital in Miami Florida. Details are few at this time but she has suffered a massive stroke and is fighting for her life in critical condition. Her mom, dad, sister, and brother have rushed to be by her side and are now in Miami.  They are staying in a hotel close to the hospital.  The rest of her immediate family are leaving in the morning to be by her side for a short amount of time….please pray for their safe arrival as well.

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Encloses is a link to the video as well:
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