Sue Carnival Cruise Line Still Heavily Searched by Passengers

The phrase “sue carnival cruise line” is still one of the most searched phrases that eventually lead visitors to our website (based on information from Google Analytics).

Each month, dozens of people search for “sue carnival cruise line” or “cruise ship injury lawyer” when they’ve either had an unpleasant experience on a Carnival Cruise Ship – OR – when they were hurt while traveling on a Carnival vessel.

Having a bad experience on a cruise ship (like experiencing poor customer service or being made to wait to disembark on an island due to bad weather) is generally not grounds for filing a lawsuit. Filing an injury claims generally happens when people suffer “real” injuries – broken ankles, medical emergencies, misdiagnosis of injuries, trips, falls, etc.

We expect more people to find our website after Monday’s fire incident on a Carnival Cruise Ship.

On Monday, Sept. 7 the Carnival Cruise Ship Liberty experienced an engine fire – read about it here.

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Can I Sue Carnival Liberty for the Engine Fire?

The answer is most likely “no.” Unless the fire led to you suffering a physical injury, you most likely won’t be able to sue or file a claims against the cruise line.

That being said, each and every case is different. If you have a specific question or are unsure about your legal rights as a cruise ship passenger, you should reach out to a cruise ship injury law firm like Waks and Barnett, P.A. Our contact information is at the top right hand side of this page – our 800# for calling our firm and a contact form for emailing us.