Not All Cruise Injury Claims End in Successful Settlements or Verdicts

When a cruise ship accident victim decides to bring a lawsuit against a cruise line or an excursion operator for injuries they suffered, the result of that lawsuit is can be a success – or not.

A recent example of this occurred in Ireland as a Royal Caribbean passenger who fractured her elbow during a ‘white knuckle jet boat thrill ride’ had her case dismissed because a judge “said he could not find that the injury happened as a result of any negligence on the part of the excursion operators in relation to the condition of the boat. He could not find any liability on the part of the defendants.”

The victim – Siobhán Kellett – was traveling on Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas and had pre-booked an excursion on a boat ride that billed itself as “adrenaline infused” with 360 degree maneuvers in the waters off the coast of St. Maarten. Kellet was bounced around in her seat and banged her elbow against the metal side of the boat, breaking her elbow.

Her attempt to hold RCL Cruises accountable for the injury fell short as the judge, said that Kellet “had not established the excursion operators failed to comply with the relevant standards applicable in St Maarten and there was simply no evidence of what those standards might be.”

Read more about Kellet’s story here in the Irish Times.

Personal injury claims made against the cruise lines are not “open and shut” cases. Claims must be valid and there must be sufficient evidence of injury and of negligence on the part of the cruise line or its employees for injury lawsuits to be successful.

Sometimes passengers lose verdicts in court. Other times, settlements are less than expected.

If you were injured in a cruise ship accident – or an a cruise excursion – it’s extremely important to talk to an experienced attorney who can walk you through all of the steps required to filing a successful suit – and help you create the appropriate expectations leading into the legal process.

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