Why Passengers Sue Cruise Lines?

It may sound like a simple question — “why do passengers sue a cruise line” — but the reality is that filing a lawsuit against a cruise ship company is really only done after careful consideration.

Most often, the decision to sue is based on the passenger being hurt, so much so that their injuries are severely impacting their lives.

Bills are mounting. They’re not able to work or enjoy life like they did prior to their accident. And — the worst part is — often, the accident was not their fault.

Someone else was to blame.sue a cruise line

While we’re all familiar with medical expenses and pain and suffering, there really can be a lot more to it. What constitutes loss? Why do passengers sue?

When a passenger files for “losses” or “damages” they’re generally referring to these common problems.

  • medical expenses — doctor visits, hospital bills, surgery, rehab and more
  • lost wages — from days, weeks, months that they were not able to work
  • lost earning capacity — some injuries impact passenger’s abilities to every work again
  • pain and suffering — yes, a price tag can be put on this
  • mental anguish
  • disfigurement
  • death

If you look closely at this list, you understand what motivates a 45 year old father of three to seek compensation for his injuries. Or why a 73 year old women who’d been active and no longer is so due to her injuries, would want to file a lawsuit.

At cruise ship injury lawyers, we’ve handled just about every type of case imaginable. With over 25 years operating as a cruise ship injury law firm and having managed thousands of relationships with injured passengers, we’re able to quickly guide new clients through the process of suing a cruise line.

We tell clients that the best thing to do if they have questions about an accident is to contact an attorney.  Consultations are free, and most importantly, the attorney will be able to provide you with a better understanding of your options.

At Waks and Barnett, P.A., our lawyers fight the cruise lines, their legal department and the insurance adjusters to help you and your family receive fair compensation for your injuries, your medical bills and your wages for lost time at work.

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