CruiseMinus Website Gives More Insight Into Cruise Ship Accidents

A new website we found (new to us at least) is called CruiseMinus. You can find the website here.

We’ve not validated all of the information on the website, but it seems to reflect past and current cruise ship accident news.

From their website…

“CruiseMinus reports major cruise ship accidents, latest news, cruise line incidents and various types of cruise incidents on passenger ships. The Cruise Minus news project provides statistical data on “negative cruise” events at sea and ashore. In time, we will also build our own database of cruise passenger testimonials. Here you will find detailed reports on cruise ship disasters (sinking, running aground/groundings, allisions), ship collisions, fires, mechanical/technical incidents and accidents, air and sea pollution incidents, Norovirus and other cruise illness outbreaks.

Our list of cruise ship incidents also has reports on cases of crew and passenger deaths, injuries (overboard, missing people, drowning, suicides, violence /assaults and sexual crimes), cruise law news (individually filed lawsuits, class action cases, scandals, etc).

As soon as something wrong happens on a particular cruise vessel, we publish a professional report regarding the accident/incident, and we follow the unfortunate event further adding updates on it. This creates an unofficial cruise ship accident database of “bad cruise” events at sea and on shore (during private or group excursions and tours).”

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