Why Are Cruise Ship Injuries Claims Filed in Miami?

A question we’re asked at the office by clients who call in is, “why will my case need to be tried in Miami?”


To keep it simple, it’s because many of the major cruise lines are headquartered in Miami. The cruise lines also dictate (within the cruise agreement that you signed to take the cruise) where injury claims must be filed. It’s here in Miami.


Carnival, Norwegian and Royal Caribbean are all headquartered in Miami as are some others.


Why Miami?

They do this 1) because it’s convenient for them and 2) for passengers who live outside of Miami or Florida, it makes filing an injury claim more difficult. If the cruise lines can make the process of filing a claim or suing harder, they can reduce the chances that they will have to pay out on injury claims.


Fortunately, our firm is located in Miami. And more importantly, our firm has over 25 years of working with injured and hurt passengers to fight against the cruise lines.


Questions for a Miami Cruise Lawyer for Personal Injury Claims against the Cruise Lines?

People who suffered injuries from falls or other accidents on cruise ships have a lot of questions. It’s best to ask them of an experienced attorney. If it’s determined that your claim is based on the cruise ship’s negligent actions, you might have reason for filing a lawsuit. Don’t wait. Injury claims have to be filed within a certain period of time (usually within a year).


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