Improper Maintenance Reason for Deadly Cruise Ship Accident, Death of 5 Crewmembers

Thomson Majesty / Thomson Cruises

An accident during a lifeboat drill aboard the Thomson Majesty was due to improper maintenance says a report found on

Per the report….”An investigation into what caused a deadly accident during a lifeboat drill on Thomson Majesty has said improper maintenance and fitting of ropes are to blame.

The Marine Safety Investigation Unit of Malta, the ship’s flag state, published its report this week on the February 2013 incident, where five crewmembers were killed and three were injured.”

This unfortunate accident highlights the fact that serious incidents can happen on any cruise ship when or if proper precautions are not taken by the cruise lines and their employees. Mishaps like this can affect the lives of both crewmembers and passengers aboard these vessels.

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