What is a Cruise Lawyer?


What is a Cruise Lawyer?

Cruise lawyers are lawyers who represent passengers who have been injured on a cruise ship and want to file a claim against the cruise lines.

They can also represent passengers who were injured boarding the cruise ship, boarding or leaving a tender boat or even injured on a shore excursion. They can also represent crew members against their employer.

What kind of injuries can cruise lawyers help with?

Physical injuries are not the only basis for lawsuits against the cruise lines. Claims might be filed for other personal injuries related to sexual harassment, assault, abuse or rape.

Injury may also apply to medical mistreatment, malpractice or poor care that led to further medical injuries. It may also cover poor sanitary conditions and/or the spread of viruses and other illness.

The claim against the cruise line may also include help for medical bills, insurance issues and lost time at work / employment issues.

What will a cruise lawyer do for me?

An experienced cruise ship lawyer can help with almost any claim leveled against the cruise line if the claim has merit. One of the main questions a cruise lawyer will ask is, “do we believe the cruise line or a member of the crew was negligent in their duties, procedures or general care? And did that negligence lead to your injury?

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