What are common cruise ship injuries?

Common cruise ship injuries

Amid all the sun, the fun, and good times, it can be difficult to realize an essential truth:
a luxury cruise ship can be a dangerous place. An accident at sea can turn a relaxing vacation into a disaster that leaves you injured and in pain – and without any clear direction as to what actions you can take to resolve this situation.

In our more than 60 years of combined cruise ship injury experience, we’ve found that passengers are frustrated and confused in the wake of their accidents, and need help finding answers to their questions regarding:

  • broken bones – wrist, arms, ankles, legs
  • hand injuries – cuts, broken fingers
  • shoulder injuries
  • fall in the shower
  • slip near pool
  • injuries caused by fire
  • knee injury
  • concussions and head injuries
  • neck and spinal cord injuries
  • back and herniated disk injuries
  • food poisioning and food borne illness
  • infections
  • norovirus
  • physical assualt and battery
  • sexual assaults
  • sexual harassment
  • rape
  • medical malpractice
  • injuries related to weather conditions
  • mechanical failures
  • criminal behavior
  • theft of valuables or identity

Let us help you get the compensation you deserve for your cruise ship injuries

Waks and Barnett, P.A. are cruise injury law specialists who have won millions of dollars in compensation for their clients.  It can be difficult to file a claim and win a successful verdict against a major cruise line, and our experienced  attorneys have the focus and experience needed to help you navigate this complex legal area and win the compensation you deserve.

Our attorneys – Andrew Waks, Joel Barnett and Jennifer Thompson – specialize in:

  • Passenger injury and accidents
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Sexual assaults
  • Medical negligence, malpractice and illness
  • Tender accidents
  • Shore excursion accidents
  • Crew member injury and accidents

Most cruise lines dictate a time limit within which injury claims must be filed.  So it’s important not to wait too long after your cruise before seeking legal representation. Waks and Barnett will answer all questions regarding your injury.

If you or your family have questions or wish to speak to us about a claim, please call us at this toll-free number: 800-905-2891.