What Are The Top 5 Cruise Lines We Bring Claims Against?

At our cruise ship injury law firm, we’re often asked which cruise lines we bring claims against. The simple answer is that we can help all passengers who have been hurt or injured in a cruise ship accident – regardless of which cruise line it is.

However, here are the top 5 cruise lines that we file injury claims against.

  • Carnival Cruise Line
  • Royal Caribbean Cruise Line
  • Norwegian Cruise Line
  • Disney Cruises
  • Celebrity Cruises

Quite often, these injuries to passengers are quite serious, often resulting in multiple doctors visits, hospital stays, surgery, medication and rehabilitation. Getting hurt on a cruise ship (often due to negligence of the cruise line or the crew) is not what most people think about when they first book their cruise vacation.

The most common injures we see? Broke your leg on a cruise ship?

  • Severe back injuries – herniated and slipped discs
  • Broken wrists an arms
  • Wrenched knees and broken legs
  • Concussions and head injuries
  • Internal injuries and bleeding from falls, slips and trips

At Waks and Barnett, P.A., we’ve been helping injured cruise ship passengers for more than 25 years. We’ve seen just about every type of injury – as well as sexual assaults, severe sickness, near-drownings and death. We’ve been able to help passengers get compensation for their injuries to help cover the costs of medical care and lost wages from missed time at work.

If you believe you have a claim against a cruise line – like Carnival Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line, Disney Cruises, Celebrity Cruise and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines – or even if you’re unsure about your options – you should speak with cruise ship injury lawyers who have years of experience representing passengers and crewmembers.

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