Watch Video of Saga Pearl Cruise Ship Crashing into Yachts

What happens when a large cruise ship runs into much smaller vessels?

An accident that could have been much worse.

The cruise ship Saga Pearl 2 – operated by Saga Cruises –was turning in the port of Dartmouth, England when it ran into four private yachts causing superficial damage.

Per Wikepedia, the cruise ship Saga Pearl II (formerly Astoria and Quest for Adventure) has been operating for more than 28 years, making cruises worldwide. Saga Cruises acquired the ship, at auction, in August 2009.

Per, “Some report that the yacht owners, seeing the ship so close, started running in their pajamas, frightened, from one side of the boat to the other.”

Video credit: TopCameraman
Link to video:

Accident occurred in late August 2018.