Vancouver-bound cruise ship stuck in Alaska

As a passenger, what happens when your cruise ship breaks down while on a cruise vacation? celebrity cruise claim

This was a question that many passengers asked themselves recently as a Celebrity Cruise ship, the Celebrity Millennium, experienced electrical issues.

According to CBC News…

“Celebrity Cruises has offered full compensation for guests choosing to fly home rather than stay on board a stalled Vancouver-bound Alaskan cruise ship.

The Celebrity Millennium limped into the Alaskan port of Seward on Friday, several hours behind schedule, due to an electrical problem with one of its two motors.

The ship — which can carry more than 2,100 passengers — was supposed to begin a week-long Alaska cruise on Friday, bound for Vancouver.”

Read the full story here at CBC News.

What is a passenger to do – what recourse do they have?

The recommended course of action is to take the offer the cruise line is providing. In this case, Celebrity Cruises apparently “offered full refunds for all passengers, airfare and hotel compensation for those deciding to fly home, and half off a future cruise with the company” according to the report.

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