How can a Disney cruise lawyer help you with a cruise injury claim?


If you suffered an injury while on board a Disney cruise ship, you might need the help of an attorney.

With hundreds of thousands of passengers enjoying the amenities of cruising – even aboard the luxurious and fun Disney ships – accidents can occur. Disney cruise injury

Common cruise ship injuries include:

  • broken bones – wrist, arms, ankles, legs
  • falls in the shower
  • slipping near the pool
  • knee injuries
  • concussions and head injuries
  • back and herniated disk injuries
  • food poisioning and food borne illness
  • norovirus
  • physical assualt and battery
  • sexual assaults
  • sexual harassment
  • rape
  • medical malpractice

How can a cruise lawyer help you with a Disney cruise injury claim?

Most importantly, an attorney can help you better understand your options if you believe you have a claim against the cruise line. Determining if you have a claim and then what you should do is where an attorney can help.

They can help you with…

  • Defining your injuries.
  • Does your claim have merit?
  • What course of action do you have?
  • Where do you need to file a claim?
  • And many other questions…

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