Traveling With Bruce Video Outlines Norwegian Sun Renovations as Chemicals, Sanding Machines and Jackhammers Ruin Cruise Vacation for Many Passengers

Traveling With Bruce, a popular YouTube channel, recently posted this video about the Norwegian Sun and its recent renovation that were performed as the boat was cruising with passengers.

What an interesting take.

Outline of the above video: “Norwegian Sun Updates on Toxic Chemical Construction Cruises Feb 2 to Mar 31st 2018 From Buenos Aires to Los Angeles over a 60 day period 8000 passengers and 1000 crew were exposed to a series of hazardous chemicals on what turned out to be 4 consecutive construction cruises on the high seas. No passengers were warned that they would end up with a construction crew on their vacations as men in hazmat suits and wearing masks to protect them from toxic gases would work less than 10 feet away from tourists wearing only their bathing suits. The Norwegian Sun was in need of a major refurbishment and the management of the Norwegian Cruise Line gave the go ahead to the idea of getting a head start on replacing the top deck of the ship while at sea with paying passengers.”

*video and description from Traveling With Bruce YouTube channel. Waks and Barnett, P.A. is sharing the above, publicly shared video, because of it’s relation to recent news stories related to the Norwegian Sun’s renovations. Passengers may find the video valuable.

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