40 Million People to Take Cruise Vacations Within Next 10 Years?

A European newspaper, based on cruise industry measurements, estimates 40 million passengers will embark on cruise vacations within the next decade. Current estimates have over 27 million passengers traveling every year now. In 2008 about 18 million people traveled annually. Read the article here.

The reason?

Per the article, “worldwide, cruise vessels carry some 27 million passengers annually. Over the next decade, that is projected to exceed 40 million per year. Cruise Baltic says that more ships are heading to cooler regions such as the Baltic Sea. The Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) also predicts that destinations with lower average temperatures will become more popular as the planet warms.”

With so many passengers and ships plying the high seas, it does beg the question of, “how do you keep 40 million people safe?” Accounts of passengers gone missing, passengers overboard, headling seasick cruises and severe personal injuries and even death can be attributed to each cruise line each year.

Will more people traveling also increase the number of accidents and injuries? The simple answer to that is “yes.”

More passengers put more strain on cruise line personnel and resources. More ships sailing more often increases overall risk.

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