The most important question a cruise ship injury lawyer will ask you


What is the most important question a cruise ship lawyer will ask you?

Well… there is no one single question that’s more important than others…  

It’s really about a series of questions. To fully understand your potential claim and help you establish a case against a cruise line, a cruise ship injury lawyer will ask a series of questions, each one building on the others, until the attorney can create a clear picture of what happened to you on your cruise that caused your injury.

Filing a claim in a court of law requires that the claim meet certain standards. Does the attorney believe that your claim has merit AND is it viable to withstand the rigors of the legal system? A good, experienced lawyer can help you determine that.

But prior to that, the lawyer will ask questions:

  • Where did the accident occur?
  • What do you believe caused the accident to occur?
  • Were their witnesses?
  • What did the cruise line do?
  • Do you have photos?
  • Tell me about your medical bills?

The list of questions is long and will be specific to your specific injury. It’s the answers to the questions, not the questions themselves that reveal your ability to file a claim.

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