Can you sue a cruise line if you’re injured on a shore excursion?


We’re sometimes asked if it’s possible to sue a cruise line if you’re injured on a shore excursion?

We deal with injured passengers who travel the world on cruise ships, explore exotic locales and even extend their vacation by enjoying shore excursions – diving, horseback riding, skydiving and more – while on the islands or ports they’re visiting.

Sometimes these excursions lead to injuries – sometimes the result of simple accidents where no one is at fault – and sometimes due to the negligence of others.

Yes. It’s possible to sue the cruise line if you’re injured. However…

Shore excursion accidents are complex. While the cruise lines don’t generally have helping injured cruise ship passengerscontrol over the businesses that operate the Jeep sightseeing tour or the sailboat rental facility, they do have a symbiotic business relationship where the local business relies on the cruise line to send passengers their way – and conversely, the cruise line relies on these small businesses to help the cruise line attract passengers in the first place.

Another complexity lies in the fact that most tour operators are foreign owned. Whether it’s a horseback tour in Jamaica or a snorkeling trip in Aruba, it becomes difficult to level an appropriate and effective claim.

Establishing a connection between the foreign excursion operator and the cruise line is quite difficult. Creating a case that is viable takes the work of attorneys experienced in maritime law, personal injury law and cruise law.

**assigning fault in these accidents is complex – contact an attorney for more information on answering your specific questions.

Were you injured while taking a cruise excursion?

The circumstances of your specific injury are important and will define your ability to file a claim. The job of Waks and Barnett lawyers is to help you understand whether your claim has merit, and if it does, help you with the process of filing that claim against the cruise line or the foreign tour operator.

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