Storm Injures 100 Cruise Passengers on Spirit of Discovery

spirit of discovery

spirit of discovery Various new outlets report that somewhere around 100 people suffered injuries when the cruise ship Spirit of Discovery encountered rough weather conditions in the Bay of Biscay last weekend.


According to Independent, “passengers on board a cruise ship have described “holding on for dear life” as they were caught in a storm off the western coast of France.”


Saga Cruises bills itself as providing small-ship luxury for ocean and river cruises and generally caters to an older, affluent market. Spirit of Discovery is one of two ocean going vessels operated by Saga, the other being the Spirit of Adventure.


The itinerary for the Spirit of Discovery included a trip along the coast of Spain.


Per the report, “the majority of the injuries were minor, the cruise line confirmed but said that with five individuals needed treatment for more serious injuries in our medical facilities onboard.”


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