Stomach Bug Hits Cruise Ship; Stay Healthy on Your Cruise

In November, passengers aboard Holland America’s Amsterdam were hit with “a stomach bug.”

Reportedly, 10 percent of the passengers reported to the infirmary with a common type of gastrointestinal illness.” Of around 791 passengers, 81 were sickened. Some crew members were affected as well.

The Amsterdam was traveling from Sydney, Australia to San Diego sailing when the outbreak happened.

Reports also stated that the cruise line made immediate changes to it’s cleaning and disinfection procedures. The ship also changed it’s approach on offering buffet food services to help minimize further outbreak.

Responses like this from the crew of the vessel are appropriate when stomach illnesses of this magnitude occur.

Passengers and media are often quick to lay blame upon the cruise ship and cruise line when quick spreading stomach viruses impact so many passengers within a short period. However, infected passengers and crew interacting with other passengers within such a confined area are bound to unknowingly spread a virus.

It’s best to remember to use simple techniques for minimizing your chances of getting sick while on a cruise. Remember to wash your hands before and after eating. Avoid common areas when it’s known that an outbreak is occurring. And, visit the ship’s doctor if you’re not feeling well.

For more information, click through to the Center for Disease Control Vessel Sanitation Website.