Brazilian Man Dies After Falling From Cruise Ship Upper Deck

In an unfortunate cruise ship accident, a 52-year-old male passenger on the MSC Fantasia died December 6 after falling from one of the ship’s upper decks.

The Fantasia was sailing between Santos and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil when the accident occurred.

In a release from the cruise line, MSC Cruises said the passenger, who was from Brazil, was found dead Thursday morning, December 6. According to the release, “MSC Fantasia’s medical team made every effort to resuscitate the passenger, who was pronounced dead at the scene by the ship’s doctor.”

Accidents like this are relatively uncommon aboard cruise ships – but they do happen. Injuries and wrongful death, sometime due to the sheer nature of accidents – or – because of some liability of the cruise line, crew members or other passengers.

It’s important to note that if you are planning to take a cruise, please consider your own personal safety and the safety of anyone traveling with you. While cruise lines may be liable for certain accidents, it’s certainly better to avoid potential accidents when possible.

That means following rules and regulations as well as using basic common sense.

If you’ve been injured while on a cruise ship and believe you have a claim against the cruise line, don’t hesitate to contact an attorney.