Rape on a cruise ship – predators at sea


Enclosed is an informative 8:26 minute long video from CNN regarding rape on a cruise ship and predators at sea.

“CNN’s Drew Griffin investigates crimes at sea. He talks to a former cruise ship security guard who says women are targets, and he interviews a teen who says she was sexually assaulted on a ship.”

View the video online at CNN here.

The number of sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape claims on cruise ships – by crew members or by other passengers – is much higher and more common than most people think.

Quite often, these cases are covered up by the cruise line, their crew and their attorneys. Claims are marginalized. Victims are ashamed, embarrassed, afraid and unsure of what actions to take. We don’t let that happen.

Legal help is available!
There are lawyers who handle rape claims that happen on cruise ships.

Our cruise injury law firm deals with sexual assault and rape cases.

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