Possibly Limiting its Liability, Carnival Cruise Lines Imposes Drink Limit on Beverage Package


Possibly limiting its liability, Carnival Cruise Lines imposes drink limit on its Cheers! beverage package – and that’s probably a good move for the cruise line.

Carnival Cruise Lines has imposed an official 15 alcoholic drink limit on its Cheers! beverage program. According to a Carnival spokesman, “Guests are limited to 15 drinks total within the 24 hour period, which runs from 6 a.m. to 6 a.m. the following day. Sodas and other applicable nonalcoholic beverages will remain unlimited and will not be counted toward the 15 alcoholic beverage limit.” 

Cruise ship passengers who are intoxicated are potentially more likely to become involved in accidents aboard the ship through their decreased judgment and motor skills.

They are also more likely to be involved in accidents and/or altercations with other passengers and crew creating an environment that could be dangerous.

Offering passengers a large number of alcoholic drinks could create a liability for the cruise line resulting in increased claims for accidents and injuries – a position Carnival would surely prefer to avoid.

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