Cruise Ship Hit by Wave Injuring Crew and Forcing Passenger Compensation


On January 12, a Silversea Cruise Ship was hit by a rogue wave causing injury to some crew members. Because of the cruise cancellation, the cruise line has offered compensation to its passengers.

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This cruise ship accident occurred in the waters between Tierra del Fuego and Antarctica.

Rogue waves such as this one do occasionally damage small and large sized cruise ships and can put the health and safety of passengers and crew at risk. As the boat receives impact from the wave, people and objects on the boat can be thrown about with force and injuries could occur. Fortunately, this accident was not more severe.

As details emerge from passengers and crew, a better understanding of the event will determine if the cruise line could have avoided the incident or could have provided a better response to resulting injuries. Most often, the cruise lines do react appropriately, ensuring the best possible care of their passengers.

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