Passengers post comments about harsh conditions aboard Carnival Triumph

As the day unfolds and details emerge regarding the engine fire and lack of propulsion on the Carnival Triumph, passengers have posted comments about harsh conditions.

Loss of electricity, issues with bathroom use and other inconveniences have become public in the hours after the Carnival Triumph became adrift in the Gulf of Mexico after an engine fire disabled the ships ability to move and navigate.

Reports in USA Today tell of harsh conditions – read the full story here at USA Today.

“We have no power AT ALL, which means we can’t use the toilets, wash our hands, or take a shower,” one passenger texted from the vessel, according to a relative who posted the text on cruise fan site

“Passengers spent the night sleeping on deck and are low on water and food….”

“My wife (is) on this cruise and has said the conditions were horrible. No power, no water, having to use the bathroom in bags,” Gary Keyes of Baton Rouge, posts at”

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