Passengers Often Confused About Cruise Ship Slip and Fall Accidents

Injured in a slip, trip or fall accident on a cruise ship? Believe it’s not your fault? Then you may have a legal claim that you can file against the cruise line.

With millions of passengers taking cruises each year on Carnival, Disney, Royal Caribbean and other cruise lines, injuries from accidents are bound to happen.


The most common injuries are the ones sustained by:

  • slipping
  • tripping
  • falling

These classic injuries often lead to broken arms, broken legs, knee damage and rib breaks, but can also result in internal bleeding, concussions and other severe injuries. Many of these injuries can be quite painful and life-altering (we know because we talk to injured passengers every week – their stories are hard to hear sometimes).

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If you believe the cruise ship or it’s crew members contributed to your injury in any way, you may have a case that you can file against the cruise line. You may be eligible for compensation for medical bills, lost time at work or even emotional damages.

Our attorneys can help you better understand the details of your accident by asking you a series of questions. Details that you have about the accident are extremely helpful too.

If you’re confused or frustrated about your injury and need to talk through your legal options, we can help. Consultations are free – we want to know what happened.

Slip and Fall Questions for a Cruise Ship Injury Lawyer?

This short blog post won’t answer your specific questions. In fact, there are many questions we’ll need to ask you (and you’ll have questions for us as well). We’ll have to do that with a phone call.

If you have questions about an injury on a cruise ship, please call us. Over the past 25 years, we’ve seen thousands of injuries suffered on cruise ships – and many are eligible for legal action!

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  • We fight for compensation of your injuries

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