Norwegian Epic Passenger Overboard, Lost at Sea?

Media reports indicate a 63 year old Korean woman traveling aboard the Norwegian Epic cruise ship went overboard on Saturday, June 8.

The vessel was traveling from Cannes, France to Palma de Mallorca in Spain. Passengers were asked by the ship’s crew to help look for the women onboard the ship.

An initial search and rescue in the ocean waters has been called off and the passenger is assumed to be deceased. A Norwegian Cruises spokesperson was quoted as saying “the search ceased after several hours, and sadly, the guest was not found.”

According to a report on, “local authorities were immediately notified. In the conducted search and rescue operation participated a helicopter, a military aircraft, and a rescue boat. The body was not found.

The passenger missing was in pink pajamas. After checking CCTV camera records was determined that the woman had disappeared at ~5 am (on June 8). Due to the delay, the itinerary had to be altered and call port Palma de Mallorca was skipped.”

This same cruise ship has had a run of bad luck recently. In February, the ship crashed into a pier in San Juan, Puerto Rico after suffering loss of power from it’s main engines. See video footage here.

Earlier this month, a passenger on the Norwegian Getaway died while the boat was near Scotland.

In March of 2018, another passenger, a teen who slipped over the edge and went overboard while reportedly taking a selfie, was rescued.

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