Neglect From Cruise Lines a Big Reason Why Injured Passengers Contact Law Firms

considering suing a cruise line?
It’s unfortunate, but neglect is one big reason why cruise ship passengers call cruise ship lawyers after an accident has occurred.

We talk to passengers every single day who were hurt on a cruise vacation.

They’d been injured in an accident and tried to contact the cruise line. They were either attempting to find out more information about their incident, were looking to file an injury claim…or simply…just talk to someone about their accident.

They were hurt. They didn’t really know what to do. And then the cruise line ignored them or avoided them.

This neglect is just another form of negligence on the part of the cruise lines. In fact, negligence is one of the main reasons why accidents happen on cruise ships in the first place!

So…what happens when a hurt passenger — or family member of a hurt passenger is neglected?

Well…on the part of the cruise line, quite often, they just hope the passenger’s inquiry “goes away.”

But it generally doesn’t. If someone was really hurt, they’re dealing with hospital and doctors visits, the costs of medicine, surgeries and rehabilitation. They may also be missing time at work or time spent with loved ones because of their injury.

That pain doesn’t “go away.” The out-of-pocket costs don’t “go away.”

That neglect, combined with the frustration of the injury, is a motivating factor for many of the calls to our office.

Injured passengers are looking for someone to tell their story to. They’re looking to get the help they need.

Do you need to speak with a cruise lawyer?

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