Carnival Cruise Ship Injuries Make Life Difficult

cruise ship concerned passenger

Our firm was recently contacted by a passenger who had cruised with Carnival Cruise Lines.

During an accident on the cruise ship, the passenger had a painful accident.

Naturally, this ruined the remainder of the vacation. After arriving back home the passenger did file a claim with Carnival…but over time, the pain associated with the injury apparently worsened.

The initial message from the passenger was:

I was injured on a carnival cruise last year. I filed an incident claim with them, but didn’t want to press charges. Unfortunately, the injuries I sustained have made my daily life difficult and I wanted to see what my options are. If you could contact me I would very much appreciate it!

Examples like this one above are common. At our cruise injury law firm in Miami, injured passengers reach out to us by phone, email and through our website on a daily basis — often after much time has passed after their injury — and often after claims have been made directly with the cruise lines.

The passenger’s key concern in cases like this is — “is it too late to file a claim against the cruise line?”

Generally, these passengers are looking for help with medical costs and compensation for pain and suffering.

Unfortunately, timing can be an issue with your legal options. The cruise lines — like Carnival — dictate the timing of when claims need to be filed and complaints filed.

However, each case is different. We ask passengers who were injured to call our firm. It’s the quickest, easiest way to determine whether their is a foundation for moving forward.

What can compensation cover?

>> hospital visits

>> doctor visits

>> cost of medication

>> rehabilitation

>> lost time at work/lost wages

It’s also helps these passengers deal with the non-monetary issues:

>> pain and anguish

>> impact on quality of life

>> loss of sleep

>> loss of time spent with family and friends

>> depression

And these are just a few examples.

If an unmarked wet floor was the culprit for the accident and the cruise line was at fault, the passenger might have a good reason to sue. If a handrail on a staircase was broken and led to a fall down the stairs, the passenger might have a case.

Their injuries may have prohibited them from working for a period of time. They may have limited mobility, either short term or long term. The passenger may have incurred hundreds or thousands of dollars of medical bills.

What we find when talking to our clients is that each and every accident is unique — as is the impact of the injury upon their lives.

The best course of action for most passenger who are hurt is to talk to an attorney. They can help you determine if your injury is eligible for compensation and will answer specific questions you have about your accident.

Do you need to speak with a cruise lawyer?

If injured on a cruise and are wondering about your ability to sue the cruise line or seek compensation for your injuries, call our office in Miami — our number is 1-800-905-2891. All calls and consultations are free of charge.