MSC Opera Cruise Ship Rams Dock in Venice, Injures 5

Unable to stop itself, the MSC Opera cruise ship rammed into both dock and a tourist boat in Venice, Italy.

The crash, caught on video by multiple people and released on news outlets around the world, injured 5.

Initial reports say the cruise ship was supposed to be docking at the San Basilio passenger terminal on the Giudecca Canal for repairs due to a mechanical problem. The captain, while maneuvering the giant vessel through the Venetian canals complained that the engine ‘locked up’ and he was not able to steer the ship. Two tug boats that were guiding the vessel were not able to keep the cruise ship from running into the smaller tourist vessel –the River Countess – and, eventually, the dock.

MSC Opera, a 65,000 ton cruise ship is owned by MSC Cruises – the fourth largest cruise line in the world. The ship can carry over 2,500 passengers and nearly 1,000 crew.

Video shared from YouTube channel, Travelling with Bruce

“Breaking News! MSC Opera Crashes Into River Boat In Venice 5 Injured The MSC Opera cruise ship lost engine power just as it was trying to dock in Venice and collided with the dock and crashed into the docked River Countess river boat. Damage was severe to the river boat as she was blown off of the dock as the MSC Opera wedged herself between the dock and the river boat. Tug boats had been assisting the MSC Opera but when the engine quit the tugs could not stop the cruise ship. 5 people were reported injured 4 of which were on the River Countess early reports said.” #veniceboatcrash #mscopera #rivercountess #MSCoperacrash