Missing Wife Still Alive?

what happens when accidents happen on cruise ships and can lawyers help

As reported in the Irish Independent… Monday February 27, 2017

“The Dublin-based IT consultant in prison in Italy on suspicion of murdering his wife during a Mediterranean cruise believes she is still alive and is either in Dublin or her native China.”

Accused of murdering his wife, an Irish citizen still believes she is alive. Per the article, “Daniel Belling (45) said he last saw Li Yinglei when their ship docked on the Greek island of Katakolon. When he returned to the vessel after an outing with his sons, she had gone, along with her suitcase and her mobile phone, he claimed.”

Belling maintains his innocence and suspects she may be back in Ireland or back in her native homeland of China.

The couple and their children were traveling aboard the MSC Magnifica.

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