Injury on Carnival Cruise – What To Do Next?

A common statement we hear from injured passengers is, “I don’t know what to do next.

This usually follows a description of an incident or accident that a passenger (or crewmember) has suffered while traveling on a cruise ship vacation.

An example of this came from a recent inquiry we received through our online contact form (like the one you see on the right hand side of this webpage).

The message inquiry was titled: Injury on Carnival Cruise
* some of the details of the inquiry have been deleted to protect passenger privacy.

While entering a Carnival cruise ship in Puerto Rico, I was hurt when a foam block fell from the doorway. I filed an incident report and received a number from the cruise line. I do not know what I need to do next. I saw my doctor a few weeks ago and he said it was a neck sprain. I’m still working, although my neck is still not fully healed.

In many cases, passengers who’ve suffered an injury on a cruise ship just want to know whether or not they have a valid claim, and if so, what they should do next.

That’s where an experienced cruise ship attorney can be so helpful. They can:

1) listen to your story

2) evaluate your potential claim

3) advise you on next steps

4) represent you against the cruise line if need

5) work toward a resolution between you and the cruise line

While this is an abbreviated overview of how cruise accident lawyers can help after an injury, it should allow you to better understand “what the process of talking to a lawyer” is like.

For more information or to discuss a claim

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