If I Was Hurt on a Cruise Ship, Should I Contact a Lawyer?

It’s a pretty common question actually. Generally, when we talk to prospective clients, it sounds something like this…“I wasn’t sure if I should contact a lawyer, but….”. Were you injured on a cruise?

The reason clients are unsure as to whether to contact a personal injury lawyer – or not contact one – is based on a few reasons (see below). Just because everyone has seen lawyers depicted on TV and in movies, most people still don’t have know “when” to call a lawyer.

Quite often, people won’t call until they have no other options. Unfortunately this is a good thing for the cruise lines as injury claims need to be filed within a short period of time. The cruise line rely on this confusion and hesitation – it saves them a lot in legal fees paid out to injured passengers!

Reasons Why Clients Hesitate to Contact a Cruise Ship Injury Lawyer

1 – They’re frustrated and confused about the injury and don’t know that an attorney can help. This is the most common. Who’s fault was it? Is the cruise ship to blame? Did I do something wrong? Clients like this generally don’t have experience with personal injury attorneys. They don’t know that they need an advocate who can help them file a lawsuit or manage the legal process once a lawsuit has started.

2 – They try to negotiate with the cruise line themselves. This happens a lot. An injured passenger will try and reach out to the cruise line and explain their case. Often, the cruise lines will try to “solve” the problem with vouchers or a free cruise in the future. Or they’ll try to make the process difficult, time consuming and frustrating hoping to limit any sort of solution. If you have a serious injury with ongoing pain, mounting medical bills and missed work time, you’re not going to get much help here.

3 – They call a local attorney that doesn’t know the laws and regulations related to cruise ship injuries. The local attorney in your Ohio home town might be a great lawyer, but he or she is not used to dealing with the cruise lines and the legal procedures involved. Fortunately, most smart attorneys will refer their clients on to an experienced cruise ship injury lawyer, but the time lost may hamper your ability to file a claim.

Don’t Hesitate – Contact a Cruise Ship Personal Injury Lawyer Today

Waks and Barnett personal injury attorneys have successfully represented passengers who have been seriously injured, hurt or medically impaired while on a cruise vacation for over 25 years.

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We also represent crewmembers who were injured while working on cruise ships and commerical vessels.

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