Can I Sue The Cruise Line For A Broken Ankle?

Passengers often ask themselves, “how do I cover the cost of mounting medical bills for the broken leg I suffered on a cruise ship?”

It’s a common question we hear at And these same passengers often go on to ask, “can I sue the cruise line because of my broken ankle?”

The answer is…it depends.

It depends on how you broke your ankle and what the circumstances were that led to the injury.

If you were injured and believe the accident was due to the negligence or intent sue for tripping and breaking an ankle on a cruise ship?of the cruise ship (or their crew), then yes, you might have a real claim.

Broken Ankles are Common

A broken ankle or leg is a common cruise ship injury. Here are some ways we’ve heard about that these accidents have occurred.

  • Tripped on loose carpeting
  • Fell down stairs
  • Slipped on a wet floor
  • Tripped in a hallway crowded with luggage
  • Slipped and fell in dark hallways or passageways
  • Slipped on a gangway entering or exiting the ship

There really are dozens of ways accidents can happen. The question becomes one of “could the accident been avoided with proper procedures or proper maintenance. Did the accident happen from negligence?”

Until you speak with an experienced cruise ship personal injury attorney, you might be confused as to whether the accident was just “an accident” or whether you might have a case. The attorney will be able to talk through the details with you and, based on your information, ask you questions that will shed further light on your ability to file a claim against the cruise line (or not – not all accidents are the same – some may not meet the requirements needed to file a lawsuit). A free, 30 minute conversation with a lawyer who’s seen hundreds of similar cases will be able to help.

How do tripping accidents occur on cruise ships?

We’ve worked with passengers who’ve slipped on wet floors and have suffered painful injuries. We’ve also worked for passengers who’ve taken a stumble down stairs or ramps.

Greasy dining room floors can be a hazard. Freshly washed decks pose a liability. Crowded areas of the ship can be dangerous.

Tripping can lead to not just broken ankles and leg bones, but also concussions, internal injuries, fractured ribs and other injuries. These injuries can be painful, long-lasting and potentially costly in that medical bills can pile up or missed time at work may become a factor.


Was the injury an accident – or did negligence play a role. This is the question that will need to be answered.

Need to Contact A Personal Injury Lawyer?

Waks and Barnett personal injury attorneys have successfully represented passengers who have been seriously injured, hurt or medically impaired while on a cruise vacation for over 25 years.

We also represent crewmembers who were injured while working on cruise ships and commerical vessels.

Whether your accident occurred on a Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Disney or Princess cruise – or any of the other cruise lines out there, we can help you.

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