How to Avoid Swimming Pool Accidents and Injuries on Cruise Ships; Summer 2014

Summer is a heavy cruising time for families with kids. Children are out of school and cruise vacations that have been planned for months are finally beginning. slip-and-fall-personal-injury-lawyer-for-cruise-ship-claims

And while most passengers will have a wonderful time on their cruise, it’s important to remember that personal safety (for both parents and their children) is something to keep in mind.

Here are ways to help avoid swimming pool accidents on the cruise:

  • Obey all rules and guidelines posted by the cruise line (or its employees)
  • Study your surroundings and look out for any potential hazards (like slippery spots or areas with standing water around the pool or waterslide)
  • No running
  • Wear appropriate shoes / some children wear water shoes
  • Take note of any staff or lifeguards that may be stationed around the pool areas
  • Take note of any malfunctioning equipment
  • Watch your children closely, it’s easy to lose sight of them on a busy cruise
  • Drinking alcohol can lead to injury and poor decision making for adults

Most common cruise ship pool injuries:

The most common accidents that will occur around the pool (and the surrounding areas – bar, lounge chair areas, food bars, passageways, etc.) are slip and fall accidents and drownings or near-drownings. hire-cruise-ship-accident-lawyer

Slip and fall accidents can quickly lead to injuries – head injuries and concussions, broken arms, wrists, ankles and back injuries (very common for older passengers).

Near-drownings are frightening events and the aftermath can range from minor injuries to more serious injuries.

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