How cruise lines should manage the distribution of alcohol


As we’ve seen lately, alcohol can have a real impact on the lives of cruise ship passengers. Altercations, accidents, fights, injuries and even death can occur when the over consumption of alcohol takes place by passengers.

How should cruise lines and their crew manage the distribution of alcohol?

  • don’t serve underage passengers
  • don’t over-serve passengers
  • better recognize signs of over consumption
  • better understand how alcohol affects passengers
  • understand how over consumption could negatively impact a passenger’s ability to walk, swim or move about – and – how it might affect their relationship with other passengers and crew members.

Cruise lines can be liable for the actions of passengers if it has been found that the passengers were over-served, alcohol consumption resulted in an injury or accident or if underage passengers were served.

If you were involved in an altercation or accident aboard a cruise ship and believe alcohol played a role – you may have a viable claim. To speak with an experienced cruise injury attorney who has helped hundreds of other injured passengers, please contact Waks and Barnett at 800-905-2891.

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