Choosing the best cruise ship injury attorney for yourself


It can be a frustrating situation – you’ve been injured on a cruise ship vacation and, once home again from your cruise, you’re in the position where you need to hire a cruise ship injury attorney to help you file a claim against the cruise line.

Where do you turn?

Outside of having to deal with your injury (and we realize that the extent of cruise ship injuries can be traumatic, painful and long term) there are hospitals and doctors to deal with and insurance companies to wrestle with. Looking for an attorney is probably the last thing you want to do.

But you do need to hire an attorney.

If you’ve been injured or have become sick while on a cruise ship and you believe its crew members were liable – or conditions aboard the cruise ship contributed to your injury – you will need an experienced attorney.

Waks & Barnett is the right choice for injured passengers.

Our attorneys practice in the areas of personal injury and wrongful death, with a specialization in Admiralty and Maritime cases.

With more than 60 years of combined experience representing injured cruise passengers, we have kept the firm small and selective so that we can devote our full attention and resources to our clients and their cases.

We have successfully represented hundreds of people from around the world who have been seriously injured or killed either as passengers or working crewmembers on cruise ships, cargo vessels and recreational boats.

Many of these cases have resulted in settlements or judgments exceeding $1 million.

If you were injured while on a cruise vacation and believe you have a claim against the cruise line, you may want to speak with an experienced cruise injury attorney – we’d enjoy talking with you.

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