Hitting Pier in San Juan: Norwegian Cruise Line’s “Epic” Failure

The Norwegian Epic cruise ship, after dealing with power and engine issues, crashed into a pier in San Juan, Mexico. The vessel was headed into port, diverted to the port because of power issues.

The vessel can be seen making contact with the pier in the video posted below.

A statement from Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) read:

“Today, as Norwegian Epic was maneuvering into Port of San Juan, Puerto Rico with a local pilot on board and the help of two tug boats, prevailing winds caused the ship to veer towards the pier, damaging two mooring points at Pier 3 East. No injuries have been reported and guests are currently disembarking the ship as previously scheduled. We are working closely with local authorities to assess the damage. This is all the information we have to share at this time.”

The incident occurred on February 12. The Epic hit two mooring point sections of the pier, completely destroying the sections which then fell into the water.

Reportedly, the Norwegian Epic suffered major power failure due to malfunctioning engines as it was sailing on a seven day voyage in the Caribbean. The power failure resulted in a diversion to San Juan, Mexico.