Chilean Navy Rescues Passenger with Head Injury on Viking Sun

A recent injury aboard the Viking Sun cruise ship lead to the involvement of the Chilean Navy.

On Sunday, February 10, a 66 year old female passenger identified as Sheila Eaton suffered a serious head injury. According to a Maritime Herald report, medical aid was provided on the boat. When it was determined the injury required more assistance, a request was made to evacuate the passenger from the vessel.

The rescue operation was carried out by sailors from the Second Naval Zone, aboard the General Service Boat (LSG) “Talcahuano” from the Maritime Governorship of Talcahuano, Chile. Talcahuano is a port city and commune in the Biobío Region of Chile.

The patient was transferred to a medical center in Coronel, Chile.

Cruise ship head injuries can be serious or even fatal – falls or other blows to the head can lead to fractures, concussions or traumatic brain injuries.

When accidents like this occur on cruise vacations, the best option for passengers is to be treated a quickly as possible. Additionally, if an assessment is made that the injury is too severe to be treated properly onboard the ship, acting quickly to arrange transportation to another medical facility is advised.