Example of Crew Member Injury on Cruise Ship; Negligence May Have Played a Role

While the injury did not occur in American waters, the following recent news story is an example of how wrong decisions made by the cruise line can result in horrible accidents and injury. In this case, a crew member of the MSC Opera was severely hurt as he ferrying passengers between the cruise ship and shore off the coast of Mozambique.

The crew member apparently fell off the tender boat, was pulled under the boat and suffered lacerations from the boat’s propeller. Details of how the incident are still unclear.

Reasons for Contacting a Personal Injury Cruise Ship Lawyer

It’s accidents like this that lead injury crew members (or injured passengers if they are the ones who were hurt) to reach out to lawyers who are experienced with filing claims and bringing lawsuits against the cruise lines.

Cases like this one highlight the need for legal representation. The captain of the crew may (or may not have) made a wrong decision and an accident occurred. It’s likely that an attorney will have to sift through the details and determine if there is a reason for a claim.

Here is the full story (with an excerpt below).

A “shoreman” working on an MSC Opera cruise was seriously injured in a horror accident while ferrying passengers from shore back to the ship in Mozambique on a recent voyage to Barra-Lodge.

Mark Raubenheimer, 60, who was recovering in a Durban hospital, heavily sedated on pain killers, spoke briefly to the Daily News from his ICU bed last week.

However, he said he was not yet well enough to speak about the details of how his leg was lacerated by the propeller from the motor on a rubber dinghy.

Details regarding exactly what happened are murky, but the Daily News understands that the accident on Wednesday, January 29, occured when Raubenheimer was helping launch a boat loaded with passengers off the beach in rough seas from Barra-Lodge back to the cruise liner.

In turbulent water he was evidently pulled under the rubber duck and the propeller lacerated his leg.

A decision was taken not to immediately airlift Raubenheimer back to Durban, and instead he stayed on the vessel for the remainder of the cruise until the ship docked on Friday morning (January 31).

A source close to the cruise industry said the accident occurred after the boat was launched in rough waters, allegedly against the advice of an experienced independent contractor – a professional lifesaver with a surf proficiency award – Malcolm Young, who had apparently insisted to the ship’s captain that conditions were unsafe.

Contact a Cruise Ship Injury Law Firm

Incidents like these unfortunately happen with frequency. When it does happen, it’s important to speak with a lawyer who can help you understand whether your claim against the cruise line is valid and is eligible to be pursued.

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