Cruise Ship Slip And Fall Injury Claim May Require Help From A Lawyer


contact a cruise ship accident lawyer for slip and fall injury on carnival cruise line

Slip and Fall Accident on a Cruise Vacation?

With the average age of cruise ship passengers being over 50 years old, even seemingly small accidents can cause severe injury and pain. Especially slip and fall types of accidents where the resulting injury can range from small scrapes and bruises to more serious incidents – broken bones, concussions, internal bleeding or worse.

— and no, you don’t have to be 50+ to experience the pain of an accident!

When accidents happen on cruise ships, passengers often begin to wonder, “what recourse do I have – especially if the accident wasn’t my fault?”

If you believe the accident was due to the negligent actions of the crew or the cruise line itself, you might have reason for filing an injury claim.

And if you’re filing an injury claim against a cruise line for a slip and fall accident, you may be more successful by hiring a cruise ship injury lawyer to manage the injury claim process for you.

Why is that?

Filing injury claims against the cruise lines can be tedious, confusing and frustrating. A law firm who has experience working against the cruise lines (and for injured victims) is better prepared for the amount of work involved – filing paperwork correctly and in the right location, following appropriate mandate timelines for filing the claims and more.

Plus, an attorney knows the right questions to ask, the right people to speak with and the proper evidence that may need to be collected and submitted.

What is a Slip and Fall Accident…on a Cruise Ship?

Very simply, slip and fall accidents occur when a passenger or crew member slips or is knocked off their feet resulting in a fall that injures them. They might trip over worn carpeting, luggage left in a hallways…or a hundred other reasons.

These accidents can happen on the ship and can also happen off the ship. Accidents can occur aboard the ship, in guest rooms, in bathrooms and just about any other place on the boat. They can also occur off the ship on gangways, getting on or off tenders or even during shore excursions.

Yes. The cruise line is obligated to keep areas free from hazards and alert passengers as well as employees about dangerous conditions if present. When crew members fail to perform their job duties correctly, the responsibility of the slip and fall injury may fall on the cruise line operating the ship.

Unsure as to whether you have a possible claim?

Please call us at this toll-free number: 800-905-2891. Our firm is Waks and Barnett, P.A. in Miami. We’ve been helping injured passengers for more than 25 years.

**And while there is no absolute guarantee that a lawyer can win every claim for its clients, our firm works diligently for our clients and does have a history of success against cruise lines including Carnival, Disney, Norwegian, Royal Caribbean and others.