Cruise Ship Passenger Injured While Ice Skating on Royal Caribbean

ice skating injury on royal caribbean cruise ship requires help from personal injury attorney to sue cruise line

Apparently you can ice skate on some of Royal Caribbean’s cruise ships including:

  • Freedom of the Seas
  • Explorer of the Seas
  • Mariner of the Seas

Our recommendation, however, is to be careful.

Recently (May 2015) we had a passenger contact our law firm because they were injured while skating on a Royal Caribbean ship.

While skating for most people who are experienced gliding around on the ice can be safe and enjoyable, the risk of injury is present. The most common accidents stem from slips, falls or bumping into other skaters.

The results? Generally bumps and bruises, but more serious injuries could include broken bones (especially wrists, ankles and ribs) as well as lost teeth and lacerations of the fingers.

Most accidents are simply ‘just accidents’ and would be treated as such (meaning there would be little reason for injured passengers to file injury claims against the cruise line). However, if the environment of the ice rink was unsafe or crew members were not managing the rink area appropriately, a resulting injury may have basis for a claim.


The best thing to do if you were injured on a cruise ship (whether in an ice skating accident or any other type of accident) is to contact a cruise ship injury lawyer. They can help advise you on whether you can – and should – file an injury claim to help cover medical costs, pain and suffering or other losses.

Most lawyers can – and should – provide a free consultation for you.

If you have concerns or questions regarding a Royal Caribbean cruise ship accident, please contact our law firm today today.