Cruise Ship Accident – Do I Have A Case?

Imagine you’re enjoying your cruise ship vacation to the Bahamas. It’s day four of a six day voyage and while you’re coming back from dinner you slip and fall because of standing water on the deck.

Unfortunately, due to the fall, you’ve broken your ankle and will incur some doctor’s bills and some missed time at work.

Your question now becomes, do I have a case against the cruise line? Is the cruise line liable for the accident and can they help pay medical and other bills?

The simple fact is that accidents and injuries occur on cruise ships. Passengers get injured, they slip, they fall and they get sick.

Sometime those injuries and accidents could have been avoided if the cruise line had done things correctly.

But as an injured cruise ship passenger, it’s often difficult to determine whether or not you have a legal case against the cruise line. The cruise line may be liable and may be able to help pay for doctor bills, hospital bills and missed time at work.

So how do you determine if you have a case against a cruise line?

The first step is to talk to an attorney who has experience dealing with cruise ship passenger accidents. This person will have a background in maritime law and should have experience with other cases involving the cruise lines and the cruise line’s attorneys.

The maritime attorney will listen to your story, ask some basic questions and then determine if they believe you have a potential case. The facts and circumstances surrounding the accident are key to determining if you have a case. This initial consultation should be free.

If it is determined that you do have a case against the cruise line, the attorney can help you with the legal steps that will follow.

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